A Dose Of Laughter With the Argyle Sweater Comic

The Argyle sweater is a daily comic strip in the U.S. and masterminded by Scott Hilburn from Garland, Texas. The hilarious comic was acquired by Universal Press Syndicate last April of 2008. The brilliant single-panel comic made a huge gamble and jumped from Comics Sherpa to GoComics and has contributed new funny and lovable characters ever since.

The transition of the Argyle Sweater Comic and introduction of its new characters is apparently the closest that anyone can find when compared to the “The Far Side” by Gary Larson these days. The style and the oftentimes absurd humor of the Argyle comic are clearly inspired from The Far Side. Its antics paid homage to that comic. Eventually things will get uncomfortable when readers will unconsciously compare the two comic strips together. But the fact is that, the Argyle comic is just one among many comics that will make the expected attempt to fill that great void left by the departure of The Far Side. And among the newcomers, people will always be reminded of The Far Side whenever reading the Argyle comic. Surprisingly, it is hailed for its originality.

Having started with its own decent collection of strips, anybody who started to get the hang of it still gets that feeling that the Argyle comic is steering itself towards The Far Side instead of making its own name in the industry. Its collection of single-panel cartoons is rated from being mildly amusing to funny by the public. Its signature art works best with its intended humor. The comic colors are downright bold and pleasant to look at. It looks light; unlike some traditional comic strips that gives a heavy impression to its overall character. The typeface is rather seen inconsistent in some instances. It ranges positively from very clear to a little bit messy from the whole point of message.

The Argyle Sweater is best served to grown-ups but is surprisingly inspired by an unorthodox childlike imagination with its own funny charm attached with it. Here, everybody should expect the unexpected; witness animals talk ordinarily to humans, anything imaginary begins to unfold to become real, and politicians shockingly tell the truth. Get a load of crazy animals living life to the fullest. Relate with bears, chickens, cats, dogs, wolves, other animals and even cops going through everyday life in game shows and other gigs. Mix it all up with out of the blue characters like cavemen together with nursery rhyme icons and the occasional evil scientist; what you get is one crazy ride to the humorous and very absurd world of the Argyle Sweater. It’s total mischief that will surely lighten up your day every time you get your daily dosage.

From the brimming and very competitive marketplace the Argyle Sweater Comic rose and established itself in the American Mainstream, seen in various newspapers and greeting cards, even in iPhone applications. It mirrors almost everything from the offices of its readers, going out to their social networking sites and to everyday happenings around the world, it anatomize life at its best and worst, analyzing with wit and humor. If everybody is waiting for the next big thing, then this is it.

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